About us

Our story goes back about nine years when Ms. Jen was the chairperson in charge of fundraising at her children’s elementary school and needed to come up with a way to raise money. So, she went to what she knew best…cooking! She started an enrichment class teaching kids how to cook and bake. Ms. Jen loved all her students, but one little boy stood out. He would eagerly run to her class every day and one afternoon he gave her a special picture he had drawn for her filled with hearts and kisses. After a few weeks of class, Ms. Jen approached Ethan’s mom Elain and showed her the pictures her little guy had drawn for her. Once they began talking, they both realized how much they had in common from their kids being the same ages, volunteering for the school, to their love for cooking and baking. As they say…. the rest was history and when Ms. Jen’s classes began to rapidly expand, she called on Elain to come and assist her with the enrichment classes. Fast forward almost a decade and we have been teaching kids of all ages how to cook, bake and decorate. Our classes focus on foods kids love to eat and having fun in the kitchen. Being mothers, ourselves really helps us understand and come up with kid friendly menus and helps us to create classes that engage the kids to try new foods. We love what we do, and this had led us to create a space where kids will love it too!